Greater productivity and cost efficiencies

Bruce Rock Engineering introduces industry-first super-quad road train trial

Super-quad Road Train Trial

Bruce Rock Engineering’s investment into the world-first testing of road legal 60m long super-quads will deliver much needed cost efficiencies to the mining sector whilst reducing heavy vehicle road traffic and therefore the impact on road infrastructure in the State.

Reducing truck movements by up to 20% for the same amount of tonnes
Bruce Rock Engineering custom designed the new 60-metre road train utilising the Performance Based Standards framework and it is an international top line patented product.
This new technology is a premium product that will not only save on costs for our clients but will reduce truck movements by up to 20% which is a massive gain for the industry and general community.

How the three-month trial came about – a timeline
This innovative technology for the trial commenced development in 2013 with considerable funding behind bringing this new technology to the market.

December 2013 – Bruce Rock Engineering first approached Main Roads WA in December 2013. Design and engineering then took nine months before Performance Based Standards (PBS) assessment commenced.

March 2015 – The trial was approved in March 2015 by Main Roads WA
September 2015 – The delivery of trailers to Port Hedland and the first test was loaded for the client Mineral Resources in September 2015.

October 2015 – The three-way trial involving the base metal producer Process Minerals subsidiary of Mineral Resources, transport contractor Fusion Contracting and Bruce Rock Engineering commenced with two loads being delivered by 7th October 2015.

Bruce Rock Engineering is the only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with support facilities in the Pilbara region and we see the higher productivity super-quad product generating further business in the region for the company and the State, and nationally.
Along with the significant benefits to clients, there will also be opportunities to upgrade existing quad equipment. Bruce Rock Engineering will be partnering with our clients to address these potential opportunities.

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