Our range of side tippers includes both ‘door’ type and ‘bowl’ type tippers.

We offer two standard chassis lengths:

  • Type 1 chassis (10.0m long) that is designed to suit a tri dolly, tri drive or 8×4 prime mover
  • Type 2 chassis (9.0m long) that suits a tandem dolly or 6×4 prime mover only. This is aimed at the pocket road train operators and local governments that require shorter over all lengths.

Both these chassis fit perfectly under our newly released ‘Evolution’ series bodies that are available in 4.0mm, 5.0m, 6.0mm and 8.0mm Hardox 450 impact and wear resistant plate.

Standard side tipper features include:

  • K-Hitch axles and suspension
  • Bolt in king pin and bolt in ball race block
  • 2 speed landing legs
  • Dual spare tyre carrier
  • Hella LED lights, wired to dangerous goods specification
  • Road train hitch plate with air, electrical and hydraulic couplings, plumbed to suit quad road train operation
  • Domex ultra high tensile auto fabricated chassis
  • Evolution series body 8.5m long x 2.49m x 1.15m high = 23m3 capacity
  • Knife type door sealing faces to prevent damage and product build up
  • Reverse mounted double acting hydraulic tip and door cylinders with remote operation from truck cab
  • Grease-less BRE ball and cup body pivots
  • Reinforced roll tarp with an adjustable handle
  • Bolt on roller guard assembly and mud flaps
  • Abrasive blasted to class 2.5 epoxy primed and two pack top coated, including internal body
  • WABCO EBS braking.

Tarping options for side tippers include:

  • BRE Standard hydraulic lid, hinged from the left hand side to load from the right only
  • BRE Parallel arm hydraulic lid that allows lower open height and more loader clearance to load from the right only
  • BRE Dual flip hydraulic lid (patent pending) that can be changed to open to the left or right allowing loading from either side, all with the movement of a single leaver (all BRE hydraulic lids can be operated from the side of the trailer or by remote control)
  • Roll tarp mounted on bolt-on frame
  • Concertina tarp on bolt-on frame (both manual and remote electric operated).

All side tipper trailers are available with different combinations of equipment such as air-bag suspension, disc brake axles and Alcoa aluminium wheels.

Tare weights from 7.1-8.5 tonne.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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