We are the exclusive distributor of the US-manufactured Etnyre Falcon live bottom trailers for Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

The Falcon trailers have a non-tipping design and unload via a horizontal conveyor. This allows the trailer to work in tunnels and under bridges, powerlines and other overhead infrastructure where access may be difficult.

The design is well suited to the road construction, earthmoving and agricultural industries for the transport of hot mix asphalt, sand, gravel, aggregates and other bulk products. 

The Etnyre Falcon complements our own range of side and end tippers – offering clients a solution to some specific bulk haulage challenges such as unloading on difficult terrain or near overhead infrastructure. 

Rather than tipping, it uses a hydraulic-driven conveyor to unload the product so there is little to no risk of rollovers during unloading cycles.

Live bottom trailers are being increasingly used at large infrastructure projects where safety demands are high.

As a non-tipping trailer, the Falcon can deliver materials to challenging sites such as those on hilly or uneven ground. It also provides for the safer unloading of difficult materials such as organic fertilisers which are at greater risk of causing rollovers.


The live bottom trailer’s saloon-type doors deliver a more regulated flow of material when interfacing with the paving machine.

The belt is high temperature and the body has external insulating material to ensure asphalt temperature is maintained for longer.

Operators can also vary the unloading speed and stop product delivery during the unloading cycle.

All Etnyre Falcons distributed by BRE are supported by our full service repair capability and spare parts inventory.

For further information on Etnyre products, please contact BRE Sales Manager – Lee Maddison on 0488 083 228.