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Striving to exceed expectations.

Delivering value on time and on budget.

Our professionalism and strong work ethic, coupled with our genuine sense of care for the work we do forms the foundation in everything we do.

Delivering value on time and on budget is of paramount importance to us. We are continually focused on product improvements and innovation to deliver efficiencies for our clients.

Above industry standards in quality.

We always strive to exceed the expectations of our clients which sets us apart.

Our work ensures above industry standards in adherence to quality assurance and heavy vehicle servicing safety standards.

Our values guide the way we work. We provide a one-stop-shop service providing design, manufacturing, parts and services to the agricultural, mining, government and transport industries.

Our services include: insurance, modifications, blast and paint, trailer maintenance and heavy vehicle spare parts, laser wheel alignments, site work, heavy vehicle servicing, and welding and repairs.